Baltimore Orioles IQ: The Ultimate Test of True Fandom

For half a century the St. Louis Browns were nothing short of spectacular … when it came to futility. Whatever promise or hope or grandeur dreams held by the franchise and its fans after a second place finish in its inaugural season in St. Louis was quickly replaced by this abysmal reality: the Browns were dead last in the eight-team American League ten times in 52 seasons.

Baltimore Orioles IQ FINAL - RGBThen in 1954 the club began play in Baltimore and its new owners shed the “Browns” and every imaginable link to the club’s past. It’s not that the Orioles don’t respect history … it’s that from the very beginning Baltimore was intent on making its own history.

And to that end the franchise has been extraordinarily successful.

In St. Louis, the Browns had more 100-loss seasons than any team in baseball history—in Baltimore, it barely took Earl Weaver a decade to manage the Orioles to five 100-win seasons. In St. Louis, the Browns backed into one Pennant in five decades. In Baltimore, the Orioles built a powerhouse that dominated the better part of two decades and won six Pennants.

There have been ups-and-downs obviously—like every franchise—and plenty of lean years to go with the championships, but with its successes and the many legends its produced since 1954, the Orioles have achieved the same “status” if you will as its division rivals New York and Boston as being one of baseball’s truly great franchises.

A virtual who’s who of baseball royalty spent time playing in Baltimore—from Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson and Jim Palmer, to Cal Ripken, Jr. and Eddie Murray, to today’s superstars Chris Davis and Manny Machado. You can’t discuss the game’s greatest moments without including the Orioles. You can’t tour the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown without seeing the influence of the Birds.

This is a book of trivia and history. It’s meant for diehard baseball fans, but whether or not you count yourself part of Orioles fandom is irrelevant, because the history of the Birds is inextricably linked with the history of baseball—so sit back and reminisce with ten chapters of Baltimore Orioles history, baseball stories, and 200 brand new trivia questions that will wrack your brain and test your skills. It’s your Orioles IQ, the ultimate test of true fandom.


“Baltimore Orioles IQ challenges even the most ardent fanatic with 200 trivia questions spanning the history of the team going back to the first incarnation of the ball club at the turn of the 20th century all the way to this past season.  Buy the book and be prepared to dominate your next Baltimore Orioles trivia night.”
– Jon Shepherd, Camden Depot

“Baltimore Orioles IQ tells a great story of how Baltimore became a special place in the hearts and minds of baseball fans.”
– Domenic A. Vadala, Senior Editor,

“This trivia book doesn’t just ask questions, it provides history to the reader. That makes it an interesting read even without the bonus of getting to answer Orioles-related questions. The trivia doesn’t limit itself to the past, either, as questions go right up to the end of the 2013 season.”
– Stacey Folkemer, Editor-in-Chief,

“Baltimore Orioles IQ is an innovative book that allows readers to refresh themselves on the history of the Orioles, while engaging in thought-provoking questions. As Cal Sr. once said, “It’s not practice that makes perfect … but perfect practice that makes perfect.” Baltimore Orioles IQ is the perfect practice tool for passionate Orioles fans.”
– Tucker Blair, Owner and Executive Editor,

“A trip down memory lane for longtime Orioles fans, filled with interesting trivia that all ages will enjoy. Elliot dives into Baltimore’s rich baseball history in a fun, informational read filled with quirky stats and facts sure to stump even the most diehard among us.”
– Brittany Ghiroli,, Orioles Reporter

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